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Which One To Use And When

Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign are great software for making graphics this was created around 30 years ago. After 30 years  they come available as part of adobe creative cloud package. Yes you can create many of your art ideas using any of the mentioned software but that doesn’t mean that each and every one of them is not specialized in producing specific material . it is sometimes frustrating to decide which one to choose to work with? the answer is it is all depending on what would you be using the graphics for .

Starting with the most famous, when to use Photoshop.

Photoshop is used for creating raster(pixel) based art work . You would use it to manipulate pictures with a high variety of colors . Originally, it was developed to enhance
adobe photoshop book coverpictures, now it is so powerful it is now used to create:

  • Pictures for PRINT
  • Web pages.
  • Banner ads
  • UI design and soon on.

because there are many projects that Photoshop can perform well in . People started to think that this is the one full package the one stop that you would only need to create graphics and this is totally wrong .

Do not use Photoshop for the following :

      1. Creating Logos : A companies logo is an image that will be used with many different forms printed (business cards , letter headed note papers, invoices …etc) digital (websites for PCs , Laptops , and nowadays mobiles and tablets ) . having it created as a pixel based product would make it subject to stretching thus losing quality . It needs to be vector based which would make it stretch proof and thus reusable in any different form of media.
      2. Setting type in Photoshop for print projects : The easiest way to understand this is when you say the word PRINT you should move to using a vector based software like Illustrator…. SIMPLES  😉 . Even if you can save now Photoshop files in .EPS which allows to export picture type as vectors, but still this will not be the right way to do it as this format might not work with a high range  media that would usually work with a file saved with illustrator.Thus , making this to be not the best practice. 


When to use Illustrator

This beautiful software is one of the best to create and edit vector based graphics or shall we say illustrations.
such as logos , brand marks , geometrical graphsillustrator book cover
and many other design elements. The best advantage of designing Vector graphics is that the are scalable images that can be sized as small or large as you need them to be whilst maintaining their resolution and clarity. Yes you can create multiple-page documents like brochures. Illustrator is not the ideal software to create such documents for the following reasons :

  1. illustrator doesn’t support having a master page or a main page to be set as a template where all the other pages will take its main design from , and this is a very important feature or tool that will reduce the amount of work and save time , imagine you have to recreate the page template for every page in the document.
  2. illustrator does not support auto-numbering pages it is important to know which page you are on and whether the information you are typing it relevant to the page you are on.


When to use InDesign

Last and not least , InDesign. This software’s main purpose in life is to take elements created with Photoshop and Illustrator and combine it in project. It is the cherry on top of the cake.  It is specialized in creating multi-paged documents from brochures to newsletters to books .
Not only that anything to do with blocks of texts, it can also be adobe indesign book cover
used to design companies leaflets business cards ,letter headed papers .

unlike Illustrator and Photoshop , InDesign excels at projects that would require a mater page layout and in controlling pages count and index where you can easily move to any page to work with making it possible to work on different pages at the same time .Not to mention its text wrap functionality where you can wrap texts around images and objects. It also optimizes your document for best printing quality and exports files to formats supported by most printers  .

InDesign sounds awesome yet it does have its limitations. It doesn’t have any photo editing capability like Photoshop, and knowing that you can draw vectors with it, say for creating logos, it wouldn’t give you the full features and tools to work with vectors like Illustrator.


A Very Usefull Diagram From PRINTWAND.COM

indesign vs illustrator vs photoshop table

To Conclude:

I hope that this blog helped you decide which software you would like to choose , again it all depends on your project and for what media you are going to be using the elements you create .


References:  – Printwand.com , Training Dragon London (Graphics Design)


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