Logo of Photoshop Illustrator and IndesignI was one of the lucky people to take a Graphics Design course at Training Dragon London . As a web developer it is very important to have good graphics design skills for the following reasons:

  • First stage of designing a website is to make a website wire frame and mockup and this can be done with Photoshop.
  • Creating website elements and graphics would be much easier and more innovative.

It helped me know what software  and what settings I should use . Please check out my
Photoshop-Illustrator-Indesign blog.


Projects Done In Class

1- Car Project :


Before Dark Room Effect



Car after Applying Dark Room Effect


2- Tree Project : Street And Building Photo Manipulation with (Clone Vanishing Point Healing )


Clone vanishing point healing


Image Manipulation Tree Remove Project

3- Girl Swimming with a Whale

Not A Piece of Art But I Like it 😀 😉girl swimming with whale image

4- Brand Logo With Illustrator

chairs.co.uk logo

5- Flyer with Indesign

chairs.co.uk flyer


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